Thursday, July 11, 2013

Non-toxic Air Fresheners

We have recently added two more "children" to our family. That brings us to four cats and two dogs. Having so many pets keeps me in a perpetual state of worry that my house will smell like a kennel. To combat this worry without having harmful chemicals constantly sprayed in my house. I searched all the healthy sites I normally haunt and after reading many recipes and suggestions here is what I decided to use.

Spirits and Essential Oils

The recipes I have seen suggest gin, vodka or rubbing alcohol, distilled water and essential oils. I bought the cheapest vodka I could find but I skipped the distilled water because I don't see a need for it. I filled my spray bottle about half way and added essential oils. For the first mixture I used orange and clove. I put in 20 drops of orange and 10 drops of clove. It smells like Christmas!

Solid Air Fresheners 

I found the recipe I ultimately used on Homespun With Love and gave it a try. It was hard to decide what scent to use so I opted for cedar. It always reminds me of Grandma's house.
Materials are gathered! : )

This is the salt and gelatine from my previous post. I paid $1.00 for both. What a way to save on the cost of materials!
I paid $2.00 for all of these at Goodwill and they are perfect for the gel air freshener!!

Now we wait...

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